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Jason Delplanque runs amazing improv workshops in cape town

Meditating in a cave can be a time consuming affair. Keeping one’s concentration while chanting for hours on end with bells and incense can be difficult after a couple of shots of the finest arabica. So, how then is your average city dweller going to experience the joys of presence, enlightenment and being in the here and now like the meditating monks of old? Enter Jason Delplanque, founder of Improv Cape Town! I landed in the first Improvisation class in Cape Town (think who’s line is it anyway?) completely by accident, it sounded like an interesting thing to do and there is a lot of improv in street performance so I thought it would be good for my street skills. I had no idea how much fun it was going to be and how much I would learn!

There is no doubt in my mind that improvising is a spiritual practice. One Lets go of the ego enough to make a complete fool of oneself and working in selfless service for the good of the show with the aim to make your fellow performers look good! The key is: listening, staying present and being willing to ditch any preconceived ideas in an instant in favour of the now! I think Eckhart Tolle and the dalai Lama would be great improvisors.

One night a week for 6 weeks Jason put the HA into buddha, with heroically fun games and warm-ups to bring us into the moment and sage advice on the dos and don’ts of improvising in a group. Whether you are a performer looking to deepen your skills of in-the-moment interaction or are just looking for something really fun to do of an evening, Jason’s improv course is a great way to open up, get rid of inhibitions and connect with a fantastically interesting group of people in a strange quasi-modern spiritual way.

Our course ended with a riot of a show at Ragazzi lounge on long street and our group (The Long Shots) got more than our fair share of belly laughs and a great time was had by audience and performers alike. So next time you are looking to sign yourself up for something awesome, ditch the yoga mat and come improvise!


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