New Juggling and performers convention Date and venue!

Greetings all thee jugglers, performers, manipulators and poi-swingers!


There have been many a long night musing about and pondering over a venue for the juggling and performers convention.

It has be re decided that the convention will take place on sat 16th and sun 17th of may 2009 @ the Kenilworth waldorf school.

Michael Oak Waldorf School
4 Marlow Rd,

It is a magnificent venue with a huge hall perfect for people who like to jump and for regular folk too.


This awesome adventure in manipulation and performance will cost you a mere R100 for the 2 days or R50 for the public show on saturday.

 Free entry for those who volunteer to do workshops or a couple of hours a day of various things such as running the door, helping with the show etc.



Bookings can be made through soon.


I wish you lots of droppings and throwing up.


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