Technology and Dressing room juggling

I'm sure the Amish have some good jugglers...

Trying to get ones technology synched is an endless journey/ challenge/all out war, depending on if you have a Mac/Mac or P.C/ P.C. At the moment I’m emailing my self because I’m writing this on my phone and that is the only way I know to synch my text documents. Reminds me of when I used to get valentines day cards…


Yesterday I thought I was being wise by synching my computer with my phone so I had a back up of my calendar and contacts. Amish people are wise, they don’t use technology. All the dates in my diary have disappeared, of course those dates will still come and go except I will only know what I was supposed to do when someone phones me to complain that I didn’t do it. The Amish don’t have this problem. I’m sure the Amish have also never thought of consolidating their social media profiles, this requires that you join ANOTHER platform and write ANOTHER profile, so you can link all your profiles to more effectively communicate with friends you don’t know and never see. I am now far too busy communicating to answer my phone and speak to people.


Social platform advertising media. Otherwise known as S.P.A.M.

Now I can organize my S.P.A.M. so i don’t have to do it everyday, I can S.P.A.M. all of my friends i’v never met for the whole week with only one day of active spamming! Watch this space!


So about juggling…yes I, still do that occasionally in between S.P.A.Ms. The current run of shows at Vaudeville @ The Fez club in cape town is a real treat! I’m working with amazingly talented performers in a super-funky expose of local and international acts. I have compiled a little video of my short practice sessions in the dressing room.

Every Thursday – saturday evening come have a drink or an amazing gourmet experience while soaking up the vibe of VAUDEVILLE!


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