There is change afoot

There is change afoot!

Don’t look down there’s no money there. I’m not talking about the kind of change you don’t want to find in your hat after a show, nor the kind that you begrudgingly give the guy who waves his hands at your car in incomprehensible circles in the hopes of communicating the fact that you don’t know how to drive. I’m talking about Obama kind of change!
Obama is about to change the face of the world, end poverty, fight world hunger, pull the U.S out the toilet and maybe help me get another visa.
There is another change happening! There is more hope coming! The South African Cape Town juggling scene is about to get a passion injection! I may not be charismatic, suave and awesome at public speaking like Obama, but I have a dream, well more like a nightmare, that the South African juggler will disappear like the value in the Zim dollar. Not as there is breath in my lungs and reasonably priced petrol in my tank! I call upon any object manipulator out there, whether you are a juggler, a poi person or an avid yo yo guy (as long as you can do three yo yos) lets band together and create a community that can grow and flourish and nurture young performers, if for no other reason than to have people say “wow, look what he can do!” because that’s always nice.

I am looking towards The University of Cape Town for a hall for a weekly juggling meet, meaning hopefully we can get young people in short skirts into juggling (Hey Juggling has way more street cred than the chess team!) Any people will do though, new people learning how to juggle means more jugglers to juggle with! It’s win win!

I will be posting new videos and text every week or so with tips and tricks, basic to advanced with all kinds of props. I will include performance tips as I learn myself. From passing clubs to slack-line to unicycling and flair bartending.

One very exiting development is that I will be joining forces with the man who started it all for me and has kept juggling alive for 13 years in South Africa. Garth (otherwise known as ‘The Jolly Juggler’) and I will be working together to bring gear at reasonable prices to Cape Town. I will be handling all the Cape Town distribution and sales. Balls, clubs, diablos, slack line set-ups, rings, stilts, Kevlar wick for the fire folk and modeling balloons will all be available.

Keep your eyes on this site and your balls in the air! South Africa, we have work to do to compete with the rest of the world, not that it’s a competition or anything, because no matter what Jason Garfield says, Gravity will always have the last word.

And that word is:


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